At Fair-Play, we like to take on a wide variety of topics and stories and turn them into engaging television and digital formats that appeal to audiences of all ages: comedy, fiction, variety, docu-reality programs, magazines, current affairs, documentaries…

But if results do matter, the fun of getting there is also paramount! Cofounders Guy Villeneuve and Michel St-Cyr see to it that their crews, producers and artists enjoy the ideal, people-friendly environment to create engaging television shows. And so, our name is more than a play on words, it reflects our work culture.

Our story

Groupe Fair-Play was founded in 1998. After working together on several productions through the years, Guy Villeneuve and Michel St-Cyr decided to pool their resources and start their own television production concern.

Since this modest but promising merger, Fair-Play’s television and digital production output has steadily increased. Our staff has gone from 7 to 70 and we now take up four times the space we did when we started. Today, we are especially proud to see our shows featured on an increasingly wide variety of broadcasters, in Quebec and beyond. Our catalogue is rich and diversified and can meet various production needs.


Iconic producer Guy Latraverse joins the Fair-Play team. Marc Labrèche makes his eagerly-awaited TV comeback, to the delight of his devoted fans, with Info, sexe et mensonges (Sex, Lies and News), produced by Fair-Play. Another television heavy hitter, public affairs anchor Paul Arcand, is also returning to the small screen in Fair-Play’s Quebec version of the French “street talk show” format Conservation secrète (Secret Conversation).


Fair-Play completes the acquisition of esperamos and garners nine Gémeaux nominations. Our consumer magazine Ça vaut le coût wins the Office de la protection du consommateur (Office of Consumer Protection) award.


Fair-Play joins the efforts to save Radio-Canada’s prestigious 7000-piece costume collection and is now one of the founding members of the newly-formed NPO "Le grand costumier".


"Live, from Montréal, it’s Saturday Night!" Fair-Play produces a French language Quebec version of the famous late night variety and comedy show Saturday Night Live. A big first on Télé-Québec… and the tightrope of live broadcasting!


A new association – Fair-Play and esperamos, documentary filmmaker Hugo Latulippe’s production company, team up, broadening their respective horizons and creating a new common perspective. Fair-Play’s shows are broadcast on an increasingly wide variety of broadcasters.


Our flagship show – With its prime time hit Les enfants de la télé, Fair-Play wins the ratings battle week after week… after week!


Fair-Play wins the French language Grand Prize for Best Program at the Alliance Média Jeunesse (Youth Media Alliance) Awards of Excellence for one of its first forays in youth programming, teen current affairs show ADN-X, broadcast on Télé-Québec.


A foot in the door – Fair-Play's documentary series Michèle Richard, on TVA, and comedy hit show Ici Louis-José Houde, on Radio-Canada, prove to be important milestones in the company’s evolution. Already well established on specialty channels, Fair-Play strengthens its position with general interest networks.


On a roll! – Fair-Play’s production output increases. A favourable climate, hard work, a bit of luck: Fair-Play is on the air on Global, Z, TVA, HGTV, Radio-Canada, MenTV, Mystery, Prime, TQS, Canal D…


Fair-Play’s inception – A wind of change is blowing and television is going through a period of rapid change: the market is becoming more diversified, new specialty channels emerge… Guy Villeneuve and Michel St-Cyr are both 35, with a fair dose of self-assurance and skills that complement each other – Michel in broadcasting, Guy in production… Time to go for it!