Bouffe MTL is a dynamic, on-the-move blend of food & life that celebrates a city’s multiculturalism. Two hosts – best friends Yann Vallières and Jean-Michel Péloquin –ride around town on a sidecar motorcycle looking for someone of another ethnicity who might agree to invite them to a dinner party at their home. Using social media, their street smarts and other leads, the two hook up with all kinds of great people, new Canadians and expats from around the world, and figure out a way to get invited into their homes and kitchens to try out exotic eats and celebrate with their family and friends.

At a time when humans are shifting about the planet like never before, and social/political currents are pushing cultures against each other, one common denominator remains to bring us together: food! And Bouffe MTL takes full advantage of this great way of finding out who the new neighbours are.

Production years
Country distributed

Jean-Michel Péloquin et Yann Vallières

Productrice déléguée

Karine Proulx

Producteurs exécutifs

Michel St-Cyr et Guy Villeneuve


Jean-Philippe Pariseau



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