To save their own hides and reduce their prison sentences, criminals betray their accomplices and reveal precious information to police. Without the help of these informers, police could not have led some of the more impressive waves of arrests Quebec has known in the past few years. Délateurs brings us the stories of eight of these criminals turned informers through dramatic re-enactments and interviews with actual police and judicial stakeholders.

Canal D
Production years
Country distributed

Sébastien Ricard, Jean-Nicolas Verrault, Maxime Dumontier, Christine Beaulieu, Tania Kontoyanni, Patrice Godin, Maxime Denommée, Pierre-François Legendre

Associate Producer

Marie-Claude Morazain

Executive Producers

Michel St-Cyr, Guy Villeneuve

Délateurs on television is about famous police investigations that led to the arrests of dangerous criminals as a result of testimonials from accomplices turned informers. Délateurs on the web offers a fascinating complementary immersive experience by letting users “get inside the heads” of each informer. Thanks to exhaustive research and reports from police and the judicial arena, users learn about informers’ private lives, the crimes they committed and what made them decide to change sides and rat out their own. The website also takes users behind the scenes of each shoot, and in interview, actors talk about their research and the tricks of the trade they used to become their characters.


Digital Content Producer

Jean-François Cartier




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