100 GENIUSES is a general knowledge quiz show that brings together a group of 100 very smart high-school students for an entire season. At every stage of the competition, the Geniuses play together, compete against one another, and also help each other out. As the season progresses, the group evolves, with contestants switching places, answering questions from the stage or their seat, solving puzzles, watching their favorite artists perform live, and helping their friends with money. 100 GENIUSES keenly promotes the idea that smart is powerful, beautiful, and important. With a perfect mix of Brainpower, variety, and action, each episode focuses on a theme (e.g. water, money, space, famous villains, the horror genre, etc.), which is approached from various angles and disciplines (history, geography, physics, chemistry, sociology, etc.).

Production years
Variety and Youth

Pierre-Yves Lord


Karine Proulx

Executive producers

Michel St-Cyr, Guy Villeneuve


Mathieu Gadbois



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