Quebec has one of the most beautiful networks of lakes and rivers in the world and boating enthusiasts frequent it assiduously every summer to live their passion thoroughly. During a short and intense sailing season, Fous de bateaux sets out to meet boaters from Quebec – endearing, sometimes unusual, characters and all lovers of freedom, independence and happiness on the water. True summer fever, the boating season is a universe in itself, with its rhythms, codes, incidents and inevitable overflows. Through our characters, as well as a host of events and panoramas of breathtaking beauty, Fous de bateaux makes us live, in chronology from May to October, this picturesque part of the Quebec summer that combines frenzy and calm, big money and simple pleasures.

Canal D
Production years

Marie-Claude Morazain

Executive Producer

Michel St-Cyr and Guy Villeneuve


Sylvain Roy



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