Mehdi et Val features the adventures of Valérie and her half-brother Mehdi, who time travel together between the present and the Middle Ages, thanks to the powers of mysterious swords. Of course, several challenges and surprises await them every time they visit the past, but by combining the best of two very different periods, our heroes and their friends overcome every obstacle. A happy blend of two epochs, Mehdi et Val is filled with action and humour and offers a fun example of how to overcome – or take advantage of !– our differences to join forces and succeed together.

Mehdi et Val is a coproduction with SLALOM

Production years
Country distributed

Clifford Leduc-Vaillancourt
Marilou Forgues
Antoine Marchand-Gagnon
Ève Galhidi-Gratton
Elliot Miville-Deschênes

Productrice déléguée

Geneviève Cousineau

Productrice au contenu

Nathalie Champagne

Auteure principale

Marie-Hélène Dubé

Producteurs exécutifs

Michel St-Cyr, Guy Villeneuve et Marie-Pierre Gariépy (SLALOM)


Martin Cadotte



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